Defence & Emergency Services

Bullet resistant products from Tyneside Safety Glass can protect you in the most dangerous of situations. See how we ensure that our glass constructions are of the highest quality. Emergency service glass manufactures for vehicles used by the police, ambulance and fire departments, use our glass constructions to keep officers, paramedics and the public safe.

40 years worth of experience

With over 40 years worth of experience in the manufacture of bullet resistant windshields and other bullet resistant products, it’s no surprise that we have long-lasting ties with companies who develop and manufacture vehicles for the armed forces and defence organisations throughout the world.

Bullet-Resistant Windshields

Our team of industry specialists provide bullet resistant windshields and other bullet resistant products that are discreet whilst affording high levels of protection for VIPs and those heading into dangerous territories. What’s more, our glass is subject to a rigorous process in our in house testing facility before it is delivered to the customer. As specialist bullet resistant glass manufacturers, every aspect of our process, from the design and development stage through to the testing and manufacturing of the order, is carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Safety Glass Manufacturers

This dedication to protection and safety has seen our glass constructions used by manufacturers for various armed forces throughout the world to reinforce the protection offered by vehicles that are frequently deployed to war zones and other hot spots. Our intense research and development programme, in which we strive to use the latest materials and advanced manufacturing methods to create the best quality glass possible, has seen us become the toughened glass manufacturer of choice for a range of security vehicles.

Highest Quality Bullet-Resistant Glass

We take pride in providing the highest quality bullet resistant glass available, offering a glass solution that is reliable, durable, and cost effective without compromise. As well as manufacturing both flat and curved class we can supply either low or zero-spall glass which reduces the amount of fragmenting upon impact.

Bespoke Constructions

When reducing weight is an issue for armoured vehicle applications we develop specialist glass polycarbonate bespoke constructions to provide even greater levels of protection. All of the products tested in our in-house ballistic testing facility are supported by an external safety accreditation.

Emergency Services Glass Manufacturers

Ambulance crews, firefighters and police officers each help to save countless lives around the world every single day. To do that they need to ensure that their vehicles are properly equipped to protect them in the line of duty, and that’s why we’re proud to supply our glass to the manufacturers of emergency service vehicles.

Anti-bandit Glass Constructions

Whichever country they are operating in, each of the three road-based emergency services faces an increasingly difficult job on the streets of the world, all too often facing threats and hostilities when they’re trying to reach the vulnerable and those most in need of their help. Over the years that we have worked as an emergency vehicle glass manufacturer for worldwide emergency services, we have tested and developed a full range of discreetly protective specialist glass.

Toughened and Laminated Glass

In order to give the best protection, we can provide both toughened and laminated glass, either flat or curved, as well as bespoke anti-bandit glass contsructions which helps to deflect violent physical attacks. Our anti-bandit glass constructions can be made to incorporate a low-spall option to reduce the severity of fragmentation after the glass is struck, protection film can also be applied for a zero spall option. Our bullet resistant glass can be manufactured as either 100% glass or as a glass/polycarbonate construction which offers zero spall.

Available in Flat and Curved

All of our flat and curved bullet resistant or anti-bandit glass options are thoroughly tested in Tyneside Safety Glass’ in-house testing facility to ensure that they provide the utmost protection when it matters most.

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Quality Assurance

Our glass constructions that conform to the highest industry standards, with our products receiving a wide range of accreditation and approvals. Our internal quality assurance team tests our products and processes rigorously so that we can supply the best safety glass to our clients around the world

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Manufactured in the UK

With two state of the art manufacturing facilities located in the UK, Tyneside Safety Glass can offer a flexible, efficient and dynamic service for all of your safety glass requirements whilst offering industry leading communication, flexibility and reliability of service.

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