Bullet-Resistant Glass

Tyneside Safety Glass has supplied products and services such as the manufacture of toughened and bespoke glass to various industries for over 80 years. We supply glass constructions to agricultural, defence, motor sport, and construction clients amongst those in other industries, forming partnerships that can last decades.

Over 40 Years of Experience Manufacturing Bullet-Resistant Glass

At Tyneside Safety Glass, we have over 40 years worth of experience in manufacturing ballistic resistant glass, helping to improve the safety of those whose work and lives take them into volatile situations and dangerous terrains. We take our work as bullet-resistant glass manufacturers very seriously, as the high quality of our ballistic resistant glass can prove to be the difference between life and death.

Intensive Research and Development

Our intensive research and development programme sees our ballistic glass manufacturers taking advantage of the latest materials and production methods to create the highest quality construction. Our bullet-resistant glass is available as curved or flat panels, and our comprehensive range complies with worldwide safety and security standards. Whatever threat you might face, from small arms fire to heavier artillery, we can create a bullet-resistant glass construction that will provide the necessary protection.

Wide Ranging Client Base

We have built up a wide-ranging client base as bullet-resistant glass suppliers thanks in part to the discreet nature of our products. Our ballistic glass manufacturers know how important a low profile can be, especially when it comes to armoured vehicles, because if a car or other vehicle is obviously protected with ballistic resistant glass then it may become a target. It is vital that a security vehicle is able to travel without drawing attention but be able to repel attack when necessary, and that is where the quality of our bullet-resistant glass becomes essential.

Specialist Bullet-Resistant Glass Manufacturers

Whether our clients require a bullet-resistant windshield, or anti-bandit protection, our specialist glass manufacturers can create the product they need. Tyneside Safety Glass provides bullet-resistant glass for manufacturers who serve the armed forces, private organisations, and civilians around the world. We also act as bullet-resistant glass suppliers for various buildings and establishments including banks, government agencies, embassies, and private residencies.

Additional Services for Bullet Resistant Glass

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Quality Assurance

Our glass constructions that conform to the highest industry standards, with our products receiving a wide range of accreditation and approvals. Our internal quality assurance team tests our products and processes rigorously so that we can supply the best safety glass to our clients around the world

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Manufactured in the UK

With two state of the art manufacturing facilities located in the UK, Tyneside Safety Glass can offer a flexible, efficient and dynamic service for all of your safety glass requirements whilst offering industry leading communication, flexibility and reliability of service.

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