Our range of laminated, bullet-resistant, and anti-bandit glass products are not created just for the vehicles used by emergency services and high-profile individuals, they also help in maintaining a building’s architectural integrity, and protecting those residing inside during an attack.

Anti-Bandit and Bullet-Resistant

As an architectural glass construction manufacturer, we provide laminated architectural glass that is both anti-bandit and bullet resistant to various establishments and institutions around the world, helping to safeguard lives through external and internal defensive barriers. All of the laminated architectural glass we manufacture is subject to a rigorous inspection and quality testing process at our in-house facility to guarantee safety and peace of mind.

Our Safety Glass Can Be Used as Part of a Building’s External Structure

Examples of our laminated architectural glass being used internally include businesses and premises that are prone to being targeted by regular attacks, such as banks and post offices. As these buildings and the staff within them handle large sums of cash on a regular basis, it is vital that they can do so in confidence and safety. Similarly, our safety glass can be used as part of a building’s external structure, actively protecting the likes of government buildings, railway stations, and prisons amongst others.

Flat or Curved Architectural Glass

When you choose Tyneside Safety Glass as your architectural glass manufacturer to protect your building and those inside it, you will be able to choose from a range of options. We can manufacture our laminated architectural glass to be anti-bandit and bullet resistant, and in either a flat or curved style to suit your needs. We can also provide a low-spall option which reduces glass fragmentation after a serious impact.


From Vehicles to Buildings and Establishments

Glass/Polycarbonate Constructions

Our bullet resistant glass goes a step further as, aside from a 100% glass option, we can offer a glass/polycarbonate which can reduce the amount of spall in the event of an attack to zero. The glass/polycarbonate construction also has a significantly reduced thickness and weight to the all-glass alternative.

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Quality Assurance

Our glass constructions that conform to the highest industry standards, with our products receiving a wide range of accreditation and approvals. Our internal quality assurance team tests our products and processes rigorously so that we can supply the best safety glass to our clients around the world

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Manufactured in the UK

With two state of the art manufacturing facilities located in the UK, Tyneside Safety Glass can offer a flexible, efficient and dynamic service for all of your safety glass requirements whilst offering industry leading communication, flexibility and reliability of service.

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