About Us

With over 80 years of glass processing experience, Tyneside Safety Glass creates glass constructions for almost any situation.

Tyneside Safety Glass has a long history of supplying toughened, laminated, heated and bullet-resistant glasses for use in the motor sport, agricultural, construction and defence sectors amongst others, forming lasting partnerships with globally recognised businesses and important local service providers alike.

We’re constantly expanding our horizons, seeking out new opportunities and strengthening our standing within specialist industries in order to provide the best quality bespoke glass across the world.

Thanks to our on-site manufacturing facilities and a focus on innovative research, development and manufacturing, we can guarantee that our constructions are of the highest quality.

Our Team

Once your specifications have been established, our expert team will start work on fulfilling your order and you will be kept up to date throughout the process. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment our team create specialist glass constructions of the highest quality.

Our customer liaisons make sure that Tyneside Safety Glass provides a full and comprehensive support service to clients, providing technical support and advice throughout all of our projects, right through from designing the initial concepts through to development and delivery.

There’s a reason that Tyneside Safety Glass has been at the top of the industry for over 80 years. Find out why for yourself today.

Company History

Tyneside Safety Glass is one of the UK’s largest leading privately owned glass processing companies and has been supplying our international clients with specialist toughened and laminated glass for over 80 years.

We have a proud manufacturing history, the business was formed by Mr Jack Davis on the 30th September 1937 and originally made various forms of glass required during the second world war, we later evolved into the manufacture of ornamental glass products and were then involved in the early development and production of both toughened and laminated glass and are proudly owned by the same family to this day.

Operating from two production facilities we have invested in state of the art manufacturing equipment guaranteed to supply industry leading innovative quality products.

Through years of experienced leadership we have built and developed a truly world class, knowledgeable skilled workforce who are all trained to the highest manufacturing standards and are totally dedicated to continuous improvement.

We pride ourselves on placing our customers at the heart of our business and are focused on building strong and lasting relationships with all of our clients.

Our products have evolved through years of rigorous research and development and we continually strive to develop and grow our business by offering efficient, sustainable and cost effective solutions to meet our customer’s requirements.

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For more information about our products or services, please contact our team today.

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