Why Tyneside Safety Glass

Testing Facilities

At Tyneside Safety Glass we take safety glass innovation seriously, and that’s why we offer our clients a full and comprehensive range of tests to ensure our safety glass is of the highest quality.

Facilities Are Located On Our Premises

Our testing facilities are located on our premises so that testing can be easily built into the quality assurance programme. We test products using a thorough ballistics test, which includes a full range of weapons and ammunition, but we also offer a number of other tests.

Thorough Testing

We test our glass using:

  • Optical testing
  • Air cannon
  • Climatic chamber
  • Light transmission
  • Edge stress analysis
  • Abrasion
  • Head form testing
  • Moisture absorption
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Quality Assurance

Our glass constructions that conform to the highest industry standards, with our products receiving a wide range of accreditation and approvals. Our internal quality assurance team tests our products and processes rigorously so that we can supply the best safety glass to our clients around the world

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Manufactured in the UK

With two state of the art manufacturing facilities located in the UK, Tyneside Safety Glass can offer a flexible, efficient and dynamic service for all of your safety glass requirements whilst offering industry leading communication, flexibility and reliability of service.

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