Laminated Glass

Tyneside Safety Glass specialise in the manufacture of the highest quality flat and curved laminated glass by utilising state of the art machinery, technology and expertise which combines to ensure quality products with outstanding safety qualities. Our bespoke products are developed by our skilled technical team and are used in various automotive, architectural, and rail applications which include construction, agricultural, passenger transport, specialist motor sport vehicles and heavy goods vehicles throughout the world.

Due to our highly skilled team of tool makers we are able to develop and produce high quality fixed or hinged bending moulds capable of producing a diverse range of curved laminated automotive glass from the most simple to the most complex curvature products with excellent optical quality.

Various additional processes can be added to our laminated glass including various specialist edge finishes from a standard arissed to polished edge finish, screen printing ceramic inks to include dot matrix designs, add "invisible" heated elements into the glass and offer various colour options.

From the smallest enquiry to large OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) requirements we would be pleased to receive your enquiry and more than capable of meeting your demands.