Bullet-Resistant Glass

Tyneside Safety Glass is a global market leader with over 50 years experience of manufacturing flat and curved bullet resistant and anti bandit glass products which are designed, developed, tested and carefully processed by our industry specialists to provide a discreet yet high level of protection against the increasing threats and hostilities faced throughout the world.

Due to our intense research and development programme utilising the latest materials and advanced methods of manufacture we produce a comprehensive range of products to comply with worldwide safety and security standards and our bullet resistant products are used by armed forces throughout the world and can be seen in a growing global list of civilian luxury cars, sports utility, cash in transit and military vehicles, as well as architectural applications such as banks, government agencies, embassies and private residencies.

Our strategy is to develop and supply the highest quality ballistic glass solutions that provide maximum protection and are, reliable, durable and cost effective. All of our products are fully tested and we can supply in either low or anti spall ballistic glass constructions and when weight reduction becomes of paramount importance or a total anti spall construction is required we can offer a full range of tested glass/polycarbonate constructions which results in benefits of reduced weight and thickness.

Our experienced engineers are able to offer our clients full support on any project from initial concept stage through design to full production and have a thorough knowledge of working with armoured vehicles to ensure we identify the correct Tyneside glazing construction including bespoke step and multi offset arrangements to suit each individual clients requirements.

Makes of vehicles we have supplied ballistic glass for include Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, Toyota, Skoda, Mitsubushi, VW, Audi, Vauxhall GM, Nissan etc….From the smallest enquiry to the largest OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) requirements we would be pleased to receive your enquiry and more than capable of meeting your demands

Additional services we can offer for bullet resistant glass are:

Tyneside Safety Glass fully understand that lives depend on the reliability of our products and as such testing is stringently carried out in our in house ballistic facility to continually develop and improve our products.

All of our products are tested and certified by official European external independent accredited testing facilities to ensure they meet the following international ballistic standards:

  • European EN
  • British BSI
  • American NIJ

Heated Glass

When heated glass is required due to inclement climatic conditions which creates the need for de-mist or defrosting we are able to offer a heated glass option on all of our bullet resistant glass. This is by utilising our state of the art machinery which lays and heats tungsten “invisible” wires on to the surface of the PVB (Poly Vinyl Butryl) interlayer which is then laminated in between the glass construction.

Glass Retention System for Armoured Vehicles
Tyneside have designed and developed a system which is laminated into the ballistic glass construction then fixed to the vehicle during the fitting of the glass to ensure that bullet resistant glass is not detached following an attack.

Solar Control
Through use of tried and tested specialist interlayers Tyneside can provide solutions to support the control of heat absorbtion and solar control within vehicles for added comfort, we can also offer non reflective glazing solutions for use in architectural applications.

Glass Colour Options
A full range of tinted glass options can be supplied including sun bands on windshields.

Complex Curved shapes
State of the art bending machinery which can locate heat into specific zones during the bending process is utilised which allows us to bend complex deep curvature glass without compromising optical quality.

A wide range of accessories can be specified on our glass including radio antennas, rear view mirror mounts, screen printed obscuration bands with dot matrix, bespoke framing solutions, rain sensors etc….

Specialist Edgework
We offer a wide range of polished edge finishes and chamfers on our bullet resistant glass and all curved glass polycarbonate products are edge sealed for increased protection and durability.