Tyneside Safety Glass is a global market leader with over 50 years experience of manufacturing flat and curved bullet resistant and anti bandit glass products which are designed, developed, tested and carefully processed by our industry specialists to provide a discreet yet high level of protection against the increasing threats and hostilities faced throughout the world.

Due to our intense research and development programme utilising the latest materials and advanced methods of manufacture we produce a comprehensive range of products to comply with worldwide safety and security standards and our bullet resistant products are used by armed forces throughout the world and can be seen in a growing global list of civilian luxury cars, sports utility, cash in transit and military vehicles, as well as architectural applications such as banks, government agencies, embassies and private residencies.

Our strategy is to develop and supply the highest quality ballistic glass solutions that provide maximum protection and are, reliable, durable and cost effective.

We can supply in either low or anti spall ballistic glass constructions and when weight reduction becomes of paramount importance or a total anti spall construction is required we can offer a full range of tested glass/polycarbonate constructions to meet our clients demands.

All of our products are fully tested in our in house ballistic testing facility and then supported by external accreditation