Tyneside Safety Glass have developed and tested a full range of specialist glass products for architectural application which protect against both non ballistic physical threat and ballistic threat levels and provide a discreet yet high level of protection.

These products range from toughened and laminated glass in either flat or curved forms to increased levels of protective glass which include bespoke anti bandit laminated constructions to resist against physical attack.

To offer further protection our anti bandit constructions can also incorporate a low spall option which reduces the fragments of glass ejected from the rear of the glass upon impact and our Technical team can also advise on and apply specialist films which can be applied to offer a zero spall option.

When faced with the potential of ballistic attack Tyneside can offer a full range of flat and curved bullet resistant glass in either an all glass or a glass/polycarbonate construction which offers additional benefits of reduced weight, thickness and zero spall.

Our products are used widely in such applications as banks, building societies, post offices, law courts, rail stations, embassies, secure data storage facilities, private residencies and prisons and are tested in our in house facility and ballistic firing range which is then supported by external testing accreditation